Maurer Manufaktur

created by heart, sweat and quality



There are only a few things that are important in life. Happiness is one of them. But the routes to achieving it are varied. We have discovered one of them: We surround people with beautiful things. With the extraordinary. With unique pieces. With things that make their eyes and their personalities sparkle. This does not just make our customers happy; it makes us happy, too because that moment in which our customers see their product for the first time is priceless. And then we know: Every single second that we have toiled, all of our blood, sweat and tears… all of it has been worthwhile.  

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Creations for the discerning

Pleasure shared is pleasure doubled



There are moments when words are superfluous; when the sense of elation could not be greater. When every expectation is exceeded. When words such as quality or individuality suddenly seem inadequate. Such as the moment in which we present our customers with the results of our work. And we must admit: It is not only our customers who find them breathtaking; our heart skips a beat for a moment, too. To let us savour the moment to the full and partake of the pleasure of a successful project.

Kreationen für Anspruchsvolle - BadezimmerKreationen für Anspruchsvolle - Ankleidezimmer

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Everything starts with an idea

or what apples have to do with our work

Design und Entwicklung - Wohnbereich

Design & sketches

Each port of call on the route to the finished product is an important milestone. From the first design, through expert craftsmanship and implementation, to the finishing touch. But everything starts with an idea. We know it is the right idea when we can no longer get it out of our heads. When it is on our minds day and night.

That’s when it is ripe for plucking. The challenge here is to capture the idea, whatever it may be, without depleting it of its effortlessness. We succeed in doing this because we wait for the right moment. Just as unripe apples are not to our taste, ideas, too, are perfect only once they achieve full momentum.

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Ideas for the home and luxury bathrooms from the furniture workshop

Interior design at its most beautiful: We have an entirely new take on luxury!

What began as a modest joinery is now a prime destination in the Regensburg and Munich area and beyond. In our furniture workshop, we create very exclusive furniture, always in line with the ideas that our customers have for their interiors. We have countless ideas when it comes to interior design and are also always fully up-to-date with the latest trends. What we ultimately create is genuine designer furniture, which, when combined with exclusive interior fittings, styles any room to perfection. We transform living rooms into sheer luxury.

Whether modern furniture or Art Nouveau: We find the right solution for all tastes. We also routinely focus on bathrooms, turning the modern into the luxurious. As we always remain up-to-date with the latest trends, we also have ideas for wall designs that not every furniture manufacturer offers. As a furniture workshop, it is important to us to convey a sense of luxury and exclusivity. Our product range for interior design is enormous: Under Impressions, you will find photographs of our completed projects – from interior design, through designer furniture, right through to luxury bathrooms.